Introducing Plusword

Quite a few people have started playing this new game called PLusword. This is published and syndicated on many newspapers. From what most people are able to understand about it at first, is looks like its sort of mini crossword puzzle and then it uses the wordle coloring(theme colors) for the bonus word at the end also called Plus Word.

And so… basically we’ve got like a normal crossword grid. We’ve got clues for the across and the down directions and there are the colors Green and Yellow that match to the bonus word at the footer of the grid.
Sounds interesting? If so, you must be interested to give ie a try. This game is a fairly new thing and if you start playing you can be considered an early bird.

Once you figure out the PLus word or the Bonus word if you might want to call it that way you will be met with a end of the game outro.

And then below it you will have the time it took to complete it. Your time will be put on the letterboard if you finished faster than others.

Don’t be embarrassed if you finish at a delay, it’s normal it will take you sometime to get used to the game and figure out things quicker.

We hope you like and enjoy playing this game.

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Quick Ways to Solve Crosswords

Cryptic, Easy, Advanced, Mini or Full ones, they come in various grid sizes and have different themes. How to solve them?
It has been known for years that playing and solving crossword puzzles improves confidence, language and vocabulary skills and also trains your patience and self control. For a beginner solving a full puzzle might be a daunting task. But think about this, whatever is new to you is always difficult and crosswords are no different.

Like many other new and unexplored things crosswords too can have their set of rules and tricks to solve them. Everything can look tricky and impossible to comprehend if not given a proper introduction. So here are our top suggestions to solve them easier for you.

Step 1: Start with easy clues across Solve the easy clues first, starting with number one and moving ‘across.’
Step 2: Now move down Begin with number one in the ‘down’ category and answer all you can in the first pass.

First Tip
– Start off with easy clues and run through all across clues.

Second Tip
– Do the same with vertical clues, run thru all of them until you reach the end.

Third Tip
– Start by connecting words that intersect with each other, it is best to start on the top left side of the grid.

Fourth Tip
– Take a break and don’t stress out too much, stressing makes your brain run slower and sometimes even the most obvious clues can’t be solved while in stress mode. The easier you go with it, the easier the answers occur to you.

Fifth Tip
– Search for scrambled letters ( anagram ), sometimes the answer lies in rearranging letters to reach the target word.

Sixth Tip
– Pay attention to the theme of the puzzle, you can’t possibly think of all the possible 4 letter words in the dictionary but if the theme of the puzzle is sports maybe that 4 letter word is ball.

Seventh Tip
– Practice with a friend, the crossword is a game of knowledge too, not just word forming skill. It requires knowledge over certain topics and it might be possible that your friend is more knowledgeable about you on that specific topic / theme.

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Some of the Best Puzzle Games for Kids

There are some puzzles that are suited or designed for kids. They all vary in difficulty and game methodology. Below we are listing some of them.

Puzzle games are a good fit as a genre of games for kids because even if they become addicted to it, those kind of games actually help the kids sharpen their skills whether is word finding skills, expanding their vocabulary or logic puzzles which improve their problem solving skills. The children friendly games are designed in such a way that it doesn’t frustrate kids while trying to solve them so they don’t feel like the game is a struggle.


Games are always much more fun when you play with a friend. You can play with a friend and each of you is assigned a character and your character has the ability to cut their friends character into shapes, this in turn is helpful to find out the solutions of the game levels. With each level having its own target(objective) which will be known upfront. Once the puzzle game is completed they will be able to move to the next level, there is also an option to add additional players, so it can be played in multiplayer mode too.


This is a world building or map building game which has very beautiful graphics. This adventure puzzle involves finding map pieces to extend the world you are currently at. Carto is the name of the main character on the game which split from her grandma and must now use her mapping skills to be able to go back to her. The game is full of other characters that will serve her as a guide. The design of the game is very child friendly and creates a nice game experience which kids will sure like.

United Goose<

This game is a very fun one. It involves the people of a small town that you need to mess around with but not as a human but as a Goose (in case you hadn’t figured it out yet).  We all need to teach kids to be caring and compassionate with animals in real life but in this game the roles are reversed and a Goose messing with town people is very funny.


Dofromantic is a game that is similiar with Carto in many ways. It gives kids the ability to explore their world building capabilities and if your kids loves to create and build things he/she will love it. It is a very relaxing strategy game with beautiful graphics. The game starts off with a stack of tiles and the objective of the game is create a map in which the terrain and tiles are in harmony with one another. There are quests as you progress further in the game which require your kid to accomplish different tasks such as for example surround certain places with a specific type of tile. It is sure to make your kid think and show off their creative side.


Donut Country

Ah donuts. Most kids love them and you immediately can tell that this game is made for kids just by reading the title and seeing the game graphics.  It is fun sometimes seeing stuff fall into a hole gives us some degree of satisfaction. In this donut game players will transform into a whole that will go around and put everything in it (anything that fits in the hole). The hole-lord in this game is BK The Raccoon that has decided to suck all his friends. There are characters in this game that are revealed and for whom the player learns has he plays. It can serve children as lesson that every action has a consequence.

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Best Family Time Board Games

Board games have evolved a great deal since the times of Monopoly while it might be the first game that comes to mind when you think of family games to play but there are plenty of other options now. The board games industry is in good standing and new titles come up from time to time, some of which we are listing in this article.

These games are fun and worthy of your time no matter the season, they’re not only suitable for post Christmas or New Years Eve. You can play them in a crowded room or with just one family member. They of course vary in difficulty because not all games are equally easy to play.

Ticket to Ride

It  doesn’t matter if you want to keep your kids entertained or want to forget how much food you ate, you need an easy game that will not be a burden for your brain. Ticket to ride is e great fit for this, even why there are tricks and tactics like in every other game, it is an easy and pleasant experience that will not make you scratch your head or frustrate you while playing it. In this game players win scores by discovering train routes. If it sounds easy  hold on, it is not that simple the trick is that some train routes are not as worthy as others.

Sushi Go

This is the perfect card game for families because a round of Sushi Go can finish in 15 minutes or less.  It has very  straight-forward set or rules and that makes each round go easy as a breeze. This  game challenges you to create a meal from a card deck and some combinations earn you points.
Like every other game this has some tactics as well, every player has to pas the cards in hand to the next player in row. This sometimes  means that someone else might beat you, but also that the opposite can happen, you can beat the other person.  This allows you to ‘steal’ a card that you need to finish and get the highest score possible. It is a game that makes you play with your evil side.


Catan is a rather uncommon game, it can be both easy and deep, hard to figure out yet strategic. It has been around since the 90s and has stuck for so long, which is a testament that it is a great board game for every family.

You must be very frugal and good at managing resources in this game. To be more specific the target of a player is to create/build a society that is larger and more advanced than other’s. Since resources are scarce bartering will be come an essential skill without which you can’t do much, this also means that you need to trade goods with your opponents. Become eloquent enough or be cast aside.


This is one of the most relaxing games for families, engaging, beautifully created Wingspan has earned a good place among families who like to play board games. This game is focused around birds(flying) and you need to gather as many friends(birds) as you can to your collection. As player you need to collect food which rewards you with cards which in turn allows you to get even more food. This is a closed loop and the game dynamics are very interesting. This is a simple game and you need not worry about the game being too complicated. You need a few games to get used to it, there is a slight learning curve


Considered as one of the best strategy board games this game has quite interesting challenges for you and family members. Instead of forcing you to conquer new lands or eliminate your opponents you instead you get extra bonus points by making the scenery greener and growing forests. Then you will have to learn about the fragility of earth soil, you will earn that not 2 soils are the same, Some are stronger and some are more fragile.
Besides the quality of the land/soil you also need to ‘fight’ for sunlight because you know trees don’t grow without sunlight. You must remember what photosynthesis is.

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