Quick Ways to Solve Crosswords

Cryptic, Easy, Advanced, Mini or Full ones, they come in various grid sizes and have different themes. How to solve them?
It has been known for years that playing and solving crossword puzzles improves confidence, language and vocabulary skills and also trains your patience and self control. For a beginner solving a full puzzle might be a daunting task. But think about this, whatever is new to you is always difficult and crosswords are no different.

Like many other new and unexplored things crosswords too can have their set of rules and tricks to solve them. Everything can look tricky and impossible to comprehend if not given a proper introduction. So here are our top suggestions to solve them easier for you.

Step 1: Start with easy clues across Solve the easy clues first, starting with number one and moving ‘across.’
Step 2: Now move down Begin with number one in the ‘down’ category and answer all you can in the first pass.

First Tip
– Start off with easy clues and run through all across clues.

Second Tip
– Do the same with vertical clues, run thru all of them until you reach the end.

Third Tip
– Start by connecting words that intersect with each other, it is best to start on the top left side of the grid.

Fourth Tip
– Take a break and don’t stress out too much, stressing makes your brain run slower and sometimes even the most obvious clues can’t be solved while in stress mode. The easier you go with it, the easier the answers occur to you.

Fifth Tip
– Search for scrambled letters ( anagram ), sometimes the answer lies in rearranging letters to reach the target word.

Sixth Tip
– Pay attention to the theme of the puzzle, you can’t possibly think of all the possible 4 letter words in the dictionary but if the theme of the puzzle is sports maybe that 4 letter word is ball.

Seventh Tip
– Practice with a friend, the crossword is a game of knowledge too, not just word forming skill. It requires knowledge over certain topics and it might be possible that your friend is more knowledgeable about you on that specific topic / theme.