Introducing Plusword

Quite a few people have started playing this new game called PLusword. This is published and syndicated on many newspapers. From what most people are able to understand about it at first, is looks like its sort of mini crossword puzzle and then it uses the wordle coloring(theme colors) for the bonus word at the end also called Plus Word.

And so… basically we’ve got like a normal crossword grid. We’ve got clues for the across and the down directions and there are the colors Green and Yellow that match to the bonus word at the footer of the grid.
Sounds interesting? If so, you must be interested to give ie a try. This game is a fairly new thing and if you start playing you can be considered an early bird.

Once you figure out the PLus word or the Bonus word if you might want to call it that way you will be met with a end of the game outro.

And then below it you will have the time it took to complete it. Your time will be put on the letterboard if you finished faster than others.

Don’t be embarrassed if you finish at a delay, it’s normal it will take you sometime to get used to the game and figure out things quicker.

We hope you like and enjoy playing this game.