Plusword Crossword August 15 2022


Plusword Puzzle Aug 15 2022 Answers are listed below, sorted in the same order as they appear on the puzzle. This is Plusword No.85 by Chris Lancaster and as usual it is a 5×5 grid puzzle. It is a fairly simple crossword to solve, but even the simplest crosswords sometimes can get tricky. When in doubt or stuck in a clue visit our site to find the correct solution of it.


Today’s Plus Word is:


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  1. Twice now, today included, the solution has been the first one I have put in, but the page tells me it is incorrect. I try loads of other words without success and then check out the solution in desperation to find I was right all along. I try it again to check I put it in right, but again it does not accept my answer.

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